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Stucco Services Under One Roof

At Sharp we offer complete stucco service to both Residential and Commercial customers in the Los Angeles area. From performing a thorough inspection of your property to creating a realistic budget and then finally installing stucco walls, we will take care of every single step of your stucco project. We are dedicated to providing customers exceptional design and installation services for their stucco projects. Our service includes application of quality surfaces, base coats, finishing and more. Available in a variety of colors, we can help you select one that complements your property’s style. We install high quality stucco products that come with a warranty. Our licensed, insured and certified team goes the extra mile to deliver quick, hassle-free stucco installation service. In addition to employing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, they comply with stringent safety and building regulations to ensure quality results. Planning and quality control are imperative to the success of your stucco installation project. Our trained, experienced designers and builders handle major as well as minor details to save your time and money. We work closely with each customer to ensure that their stucco project is completed on time. Other than offering realistic project completion schedule, we are constantly in touch with each customer every step of stucco project. Our stucco services are available at competitive pricing, complete with valuable guidance and advice on how to keep it in topnotch condition from our team. We also provide stone cover services!

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